Our Services

A group to which the company Morocco Israel Global Resources Ltd. belongs, has realized an ideal production partnership for the private label, with a wide variety of organic care product categories.

We are very flexible, in order to provide you with the highest quality products, at the highest level and at the best price. These three parameters constitute the ability for you to be a significant supplier and equal to other suppliers that exist in the field.

We can provide a wide and significant selection of pre-defined products, sizes and packaging types. But at the same time, also completely unique products customized for sale by your business only. 

All products, whether existing or custom developed to the customer’s requirements, are well packaged and in a controlled environment. The products will be delivered to you with the unique private brand name you have chosen for your product.

It’s no secret that the field of production under a private label has gained momentum in the last decade and the reason for this is clear. Production of a product under a private label is created and produced by an external manufacturer and does not depend on the private label. 

This fact allows those interested in private label production to sell the products under their own brand name, and to build a successful and independent business in the field intended for marketing (cosmetics, food, etc.).  In addition, as a company that manufactures and brands its products privately, private labeling gives you protection, Protection and control of your product (specification, quality, etc.).

In other words, the manufacturer remains the owner of the product as a raw material, while you represent a worthy alternative in the field in which your company operates. This is in addition to the fact that the cost of the product is low (compared to independent production, payment to employees, filling machines, etc.), compared to other products that are sold in the field under a different brand name.

All the products that are manufactured by us under a private label will be fully approved using all the approvals available to us as a manufacturer (to view approvals and standards click here).

However, an independently manufactured brand will need to obtain the certification and approvals separately and the product will be relabeled by the certification bodies, which may take a long time.

Private label design

You can make your own design and our company will provide you with the information regarding the dimensions of the bottles or packages we offer. (Graphic and design services will be subject to an additional fee)

Terms for branding and private label for a tubes

The minimum order quantity for a private label tube is 2500 tubes.

Private label terms of boxes

The minimum order quantity for private label boxes is 1000 units

Terms of custom labels and stickers

Custom labels and high quality sticker printing. Minimum only 100 printed labels and stickers.

Bottles without a label

Customs does not allow us to export cosmetics or food without a label and the buyer is obliged to prepare a quantity of small stickers that can be easily removed, in order to avoid any kind of trouble that may happen with the customs authorities.

Languages in the private label

Our company can provide you with printing of labels in any required language that contain the most important information about your product, according to a graphic file that will be sent by you.