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Import and meet the demand for essential oils and their blends for health, beauty and the environment in a sustainable way.


Direct your gaze and focus on the opportunity to establish yourself in the essential oils market, driven by the growing global demand of the segment.


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Morocco Israel Global Resources Ltd. is a partner, importer and exclusive distributor of the Organica – Jood group, which is located in Morocco.

The group belongs to the organization of growers, producers and exporters of Moroccan argan oil, and owns large areas of argan trees in Morocco near the city of Agadir, and in the city of Essaouira in Morocco, which are used for the production of argan oil and its products.

The group operates outside and inside Morocco, for the wholesale sale of 100% pure organic argan oil and its products, using traditional methods for the production of argan oil. The group also uses natural and traditional ingredients for the production of natural products in the field of cosmetics – for the production of skin and face care products, hair care.

The group also provides, among other things, customized production and branding services (private label) for the cosmetics and food sector. The products are organic products, and based on the purity of argan oil in traditional Moroccan production.

The group has other areas of activity, such as the production and packaging of argan oil used as a raw material, which is packaged in suitable packages such as: 5L, 20L, and in barrels of 50L to 1 ton – for the cosmetics, food and culinary industries.

The company’s products are processed by the company’s cooperative, which is located in the southwest of Morocco, with unique techniques, experience and knowledge in this extensive field.

The cosmetics and culinary products produced by the company are exported directly from the company’s cooperative to a variety of customers all over the world and in accordance with the principles of fair trade.