Argan Oil

Argan oil is an oil rich in essential acids and vitamins.
The argan oil contains 80% essential fatty acids and is also particularly rich in vitamin E, this is in contrast to the synthetic argan oil that is found on the market and inserted into various cosmetic products (also known as oil: “Refine”). In addition, the natural argan oil (as opposed to the synthetic oil), contains 80 times more antioxidants and free radicals than olive oil.

Therefore, the unique composition of argan oil makes it one of the most valuable oils, both as a food oil and as a therapeutic and cosmetic oil. Argan oil helps renew cells, fights inflammation, facilitates blood circulation, and has a rejuvenating effect. Argan oil is known for its good properties as an oil that lowers bad cholesterol and prevents the risk of cancer.

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The Benefits of Argan Oil

Our argan oil is a high-quality and pure organic oil, which is produced in a strict process and in accordance with the principles of the ancient Moroccan tradition, with jealousy and devotion.

Due to the strictness of the argan oil process, the oil has many benefits, beyond the fact that it contains rich compounds. And these are the advantages:


About us

Morocco Israel Global Resources Ltd. is a partner, importer and exclusive distributor of the Organica – Jood group, which is located in Morocco.

The group belongs to the organization of growers, producers and exporters of Moroccan argan oil, and owns large areas of argan trees in Morocco near the city of Agadir, and in the city of Essaouira in Morocco, which are used for the production of argan oil and its products.

The group operates outside and inside Morocco, for the wholesale sale of 100% pure organic argan oil and its products, using traditional methods for the production of argan oil. The group also uses natural and traditional ingredients for the production of natural products in the field of cosmetics – for the production of skin and face care products, hair care.


Import and meet the demand for essential oils and their blends for health, beauty and the environment in a sustainable way.


Direct your gaze and focus on the opportunity to establish yourself in the essential oils market, driven by the growing global demand of the segment.


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Private label design

You can make your own design and our company will provide you with the information regarding the dimensions of the bottles or packages we offer. (Graphic and design services will be subject to an additional fee)

Terms for branding and private label for a tubes

The minimum order quantity for a private label tube is 2500 tubes.

Private label terms of boxes

The minimum order quantity for private label boxes is 1000 units

Terms of custom labels and stickers

Custom labels and high quality sticker printing. Minimum only 100 printed labels and stickers.

Bottles without a label

Customs does not allow us to export cosmetics or food without a label and the buyer is obliged to prepare a quantity of small stickers that can be easily removed, in order to avoid any kind of trouble that may happen with the customs authorities.

Languages in the private label

Our company can provide you with printing of labels in any required language that contain the most important information about your product, according to a graphic file that will be sent by you.